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Reported Fire at McDonald's - McDonald's, North Salisbury Blvd
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Salisbury fire Department Stations 2 and 16, as well as Station 74 Delmar were alerted for a reported building fire at McDonald's Sunday afternoon, at approximately 1430 hours. Chief 1, (Hoppes), went on scene and established Command. Upon further investigation, a light smoke condition was found in the building. The building was evacuated while crews worked to determine the source of the smoke. Once the situation was under the control, the restaurant was temporarily shut down until repairs could be made and then reinspected. (This McDonald's did reopen later in the evening after inspection). Units: C1, AC1, E2, E16, PM16-1, TK2, PM1, TOW16, TK74, R74. Photos by: Cliff Shockley

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