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B Shift Runs Nithsdale House Fire - 27200 Tartan Ln
Thursday, June 28, 2012

At 00:11, stations 16,5 and 2 were alerted for a reported house on fire in the Nithsdale subdivision. Engine 16 responded with 4 personel, along with the medic from 16 and the assistant chief. Central advised while en route, they had multiple calls advising a working fire. The engine tanker from station 1 was requested, with the reported address being well out of hydrant district. Shortly after, the engine and medic from 16 went on the scene with a 2 1/2 story wood frame single family, with fire from sides C and D. Engine 16 dropped dual 3" lines at the end of the driveway for the arrival of the next engine and the crew began to stretch on the house. Assistant Chief Donaway arrived and established the Nithsdale command. Engine tanker 5 arrived, picked up engines 16's lines at the driveway as their crew and engine 16's crew pulled both front bumper lines and made an aggressive interior attack on the fire. Truck 2 arrived, took position in the front yard on side A of the house and immediately began laddering the structure. The driver and roofman from Truck 2 vented the roof,allowing interior crews to make and aggressive push on the fire. Engine tanker 1 arrived, ran a 3" line to engine tanker 5 to assist with water and the crew stretched the 250ft rear preconnect off of engine 16 and advanced it to the second floor. Engine 507 along with Engine tanker 74-2, who was clearing another call in their district and began heading that way upon the dispatch arrived and assisted with the opening and extinguishment of hot spots throughout the house. Engine tanker 1202, Tanker 12 and Engine 301 all arrived on scene and assisted with fireground operations. All searches were negative and the fire was called under control at 01:44. Cause of the fire is under investigation by the state fire marshalls office. damage is estimated at $150,000. Last units cleared at 04:30.

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