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Smoke Detector Sweep - Naylor St
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In May of 2011, volunteers from Station 2 conducted their first smoke alarm sweep. This first sweep targeted homes on Naylor St. and Baker St. Forty ifre homes were visited during this sweep. Six smoke alarms and seventeen batteries were installed that evening. This past months sweep marked the one year anniversary for this program. INone year the personel conducting these sweeps have visited almost four hundred and fifty homes, installed between forty to fifty smoke alarms and replaced approximately one hundred and fifty batteries. The program was credited with the saving of five lives just four months after the first sweep. During the initial sweep a house on Naylor St. was found to have not one single working smoke alarms and subsequently five batteries were installed that night. During the early morning hours of September 13, 2011 a fire broke out due to unattended cooking. The occupants reported being awoken from their sleep from the sound of the smoke alarm. All the occupants made it out unharmed due to the advanced warning of the inpending danger. The collaborative effort of all personel that had participated in these sweeps have contributed to its success. Daniel Hill Lieutenant Station 2