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SFD Gets Generous Donation of Smoke Alarms
Friday, January 29, 2016

The Salisbury Fire Department was the recipient of a very special gift today! The Clarke family came bearing the gift of smoke alarms. 96 of them, to be exact.

The family suffered a house fire this past year where Mrs Clarke and their son Jax were trapped. The quick actions of the well-trained, first-arriving crew provided for a positive outcome; saving Jaymie from the roof, Jax from his bedroom, and the family dog from a rear room of the home. Another family friend and their child were able to evacuate the structure via a rear door. Working smoke alarms in the home alerted the occupants, helping to ensure the happy outcome.

Jaymie took it upon herself to have multiple fundraisers to raise funds she subsequently utilized to purchase 96 smoke alarms from Home Depot at a generously reduced rate. She then donated the smoke alarms to the SFD to help "pay it forward", and to help the SFD's Fire Safety Mission.

All to often, fire events such as this end with less than happy outcomes. Property can usually be replaced, but lives never can. To have the opportunity to not only save several lives, but to form lasting relationships with those involved is a rare experience. The Clarke family understands the importance of working smoke alarms and wants to do all they can to help ensure as many families as possible can benefit from these most important of fire safety tools.

Thank You to the Clarkes and Home Depot for their generosity and dedication to the safety and well-being of their community!!

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