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SFD Members Train On Vertical Ventilation Skills
Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Members of the SFD spent time refining their vertical ventilation skills today.  Ventilation on the fireground is done for two main reasons: to let firefighters work to "control" a fire (venting for fire) or to help civilians hang on a bit longer by allowing superheated gases and smoke to escape (venting for life).

The priority or urgency for ventilation is tied directly to one of those reasons. In simple terms, if firefighters can make their push into the structure, they’ll most likely be able to extinguish the fire—and if they can’t, then the fire will grow and consume more of the structure. If civilians are trapped inside, or firefighters are searching for civilians, then lifting the heat and smoke—even a couple of inches—may mean the difference between reaching (or not reaching) the civilian. Ventilation is critical to both of these situations.

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