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Enjoy New Year's Safely!!
Friday, December 28, 2018

Staying Safe When It’s Time to Celebrate

New Year’s Eve is an occasion to celebrate, and the last thing you want is a health and safety hiccup. No matter what plans you have in store, here’s how to stay safe on New Year’s Eve:

1. With Your Group…

The best New Year’s Eves are spent with loved ones. If you’re going to a party or heading to a public event, make plans to arrive and leave with a group. A lot can happen on New Year’s Eve, and you want to ensure you, your friends and family are safe, so be sure to share your plans for the night and communicate your whereabouts if plans change. To this end, pack a charger for your phone — a portable one may be especially helpful if you can’t find an outlet. Be aware of your surroundings; if you get separated from your group, you will want to know where you are, where you’re going and where you’re spending the night.

2. When It’s Time to Eat…

A filling dinner is one of the best ways to prepare for a long New Year’s Eve night. A wholesome dinner can not only help to absorb some of the alcohol, but it will also help you avoid nibbling on bar snacks.

3. If You’re Drinking…

Alcohol is almost unavoidable on New Year’s Eve. Even if you and your friends don’t partake, you’ll likely encounter intoxicated revelers over the course of your night. If you are drinking alcohol, keep in mind your limits. With a few adjustments, the tips are very similar to summer drinking: alternate alcohol with water or other non-alcoholic options, pace yourself and don’t leave your beverage unattended.

4. With Champagne…

The New Year’s Eve alcohol of choice is, almost inevitably, champagne. It should go without saying that all bottles should be popped away from guests or anything of value. Another pro-tip is the 45 degrees rule of thumb – it’s the ideal temperature to avoid spontaneous combustion and the ideal angle to uncork at.

5. Regarding Driving…

Don’t drink and drive. Don’t let anyone you see drive under the influence. If you’re hosting, this may mean taking keys and offering couches to sleep on. If you’re out on the town, this could mean alerting the bartender or host to the situation.

It is always dangerous to be on the road on New Year’s Eve. If possible, ask to spend the night with a friend or book a room within walking distance of your festivities to avoid potential drunk drivers. If you must be on the road, be prepared for increased cab fare or ride-sharing surge prices and the pre-existing dangers of driving in winter conditions at night.

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