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Stay Off of The Ice!!
Monday, January 21, 2019

The Salisbury Fire Department asks that everyone take a few minutes to discuss the dangers of walking out onto frozen ponds and water ways during the recent cold weather.  The recent cold snap has created ice on most of the local small ponds and narrow water ways.  At no time should anyone, especially children and pets, be allowed to walk out onto the ice.  Often times the ice will form in various thicknesses, which will result in weak spots, that can break and cause a person to quickly fall into the frigid water.  Hypothermia and cardiac arrest can quickly occur and often times the resulting outcomes are poor.

The SFD is fully equipped with ice rescue equipment, dive gear, and marine vessels should such an incident occur.  However, please take the time to speak with your family and friends about the dangers of playing on the ice.  In addition, please keep your pets on a leash and off of the ice.


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