Salisbury Fire Department

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Structure Fire on Marquis Avenue
Friday, April 21, 2023

Salisbury Fire Department and mutual aid from Hebron, Fruitland, and Delmar were alerted for a house fire in the 800 Block of Marquis Avenue. Responding units were given a report of fire through the roof of a single-family home under construction. AC-1 arrived on location with fire through the roof of a single-story single-family residence and established Marquis Avenue command. Engine 16-1 arrived on location, established a water source and put a handline in service. Truck 1 arrived and positioned side A and began their duties. Engine 2 and Engine 507 arrived and both deployed suppression lines to the building. A partial roof collapse occurred in the garage and all personnel were evacuated from the structure. Once personnel got ahead of the fire they were allowed to re-enter. The State Fire Marshal was requested to the scene. Units from Delmar and Fruitland arrived on the scene and assisted with overhaul. The incident was placed under control. Coverups were requested and handled by dispatch. State FM arrived on location and began their investigation. Overhaul was completed and units were released.

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