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Thursday, October 4, 2018 @ 7:00 PM

Our goal will be to provide an overview of the Disease Concept of Addiction, reviewing aspects of what makes alcoholism/addiction a disease, the chronic nature, the fact that it gets progressively worse without treatment, that it is indeed treatable, but can be potentially fatal. We will attempt to debunk myths associated with addiction as a choice, taking members through the life of an adolescent person making choices about life and lifestyle that may end in the use of addictive substances. By reviewing what it was like to make that first choice, we will hopefully allow people to understand many addicts did not, with a logical thought process, but rather an adolescent one, come to the place where they are today. We will also review how beginning the use of mind altering substance in their teenage years, addicts/alcoholics did not develop the same types of coping strategies to deal with life stressors as many other people did.