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B and E shift take in daytime fire - 6729 Keyes Ln
Friday, January 25, 2013

Just before crews were getting ready to enjoy lunch, wicomico central dispatched stations 2,16,6 for a reported house fire at 6729 Keyes Ln.Upon arrival, we found smoke visible from a small one story house, on C side. Engine Tanker 1-1 placed a handline in service, while the bar man from truck 2 forced the front door. Fire was located in the rear of the house and in a crawl space.Truck 1 arrived and secured the power to the house and assisted with overhaul operations. The resident advised that he had frozen pipes, and had placed a salamander heater at the crawl space to thaw them. He advised that he had a small fire, and he used a dry chemical extinguisher to put it out, and stayed around for approximately an hour watching it before going to work. Crews extinguished the fire and opened a couple walls to ensure there was no extension. Situation was placed under control at 1155 hrs.

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