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Sledding Incident at Elks Lodge
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wicomico Central alerted Salisbury for a reported injured subject at the Elks Lodge. TK-2 was in the area and responded along with PM 16-1. Wicomico Central advised that a 7 year old patient was injured at the bottom of the hill from a sledding incident. The Elks Lodge is a popular place to sled in the city. TK-2's officer requested that Rescue 16 respond. Station 1 Lieutenant Ben Waples arrived on the scene POV and established command. TK-2 arrived on the scene and positioned the apparatus in a way to be utilized as an anchor point for a Z-Rig. Rescue 16 arrived on the scene. TK-2 quickly assembled a Z-Rig for hauling a stokes basket up the snow covered incline. While TK-2 was setting up the Z-Rig, Rescue 16 along with PM 16-1 packaged the patient and the patient was secured in a Stokes basket. Patient was then hauled up the hill and transported to the hospital.     

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