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Truck vs. Bridge Results in Hazmat Response
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At approximately 3pm, the duty crew from station 16 was alerted for a petroleum spill at the intersection of Route 13 and Main St. Engine 1(running out of station 16) responded with 18B and 3. The crew arrived to find a truck utilized to haul box containers that had a failure with the PTO gear which caused a rupture of the hydraulic line, spilling approximately 20 gallons of fluid on the roadway. Not only that, but it also caused the loader portion of the truck, which is a rather large swing arm, to then elevate in the air. This now put the truck over the height restriction of the overhead railroad bridge, resulting in the arm striking it. The spill was contained using absorbent blankets and corn cob absorbent. The railroad company was contacted to inspect their bridge and the scene was returned to city police.

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