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The SFD thanking a REAL HERO today
Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today on 8/8/14 The Salisbury Fire Dept responded to a incident involving a medical emergency in a vehicle. The crews quickly assessed, treated, and transport the patient to PRMC. The patient was treated and released later this afternoon.

After the incident, the crews learned that a nine year old boy in the vehicle managed to gain control of the steering wheel during the adults medical emergency. The boy directed the car away from two telephone poles, oncoming traffic, and eventually managed to get the vehicle to stop with assistance from bystanders prior to the arrival of the fire department. The quick thinking and actions from the nine year old aided in avoiding harming himself, his family, and others.

This afternoon, the nine year old and his family stopped by the Salisbury Fire Department to thank the crew for their care. He toured the firehouse and equipment in station. The Salisbury Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to thank the real hero for his efforts today.

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