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Structure Fire 427 Elizabeth St.
Monday, April 6, 2015

Salisbury units responded to the second working structure fire of the day at 2300 hours at 427 Elizabeth St. Central advised they were receiving multiple calls with occupants trapped. E 2 arrived on scene with fire showing from the rear. AC 1 Records arrived and assumed Command. E 16-1 arrived and laid out from Short St. and ran a 150 ft.1 3/4 line to the rear and advanced to the second floor. E 2 ran a 150 ft. 1 3/4 line through the front door and completed a quick search. The crew of Paramedic 16 threw ladders on side A and searched the front bedrooms. One occupant jumped from the second floor window and escaped injury. A second occupant suffered second degree burns on his arms, leg and face. The cause of the fire was an unexplained ignition of gasoline as the occupant cleaned motor cycle parts.

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