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Blue Markers Assist With Locating Hydrants
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Salisbury Fire Department has placed four blue hydrant markers in strategic locations throughout the city.  The markers are set in the middle of a street near a hydrant, are blue in color, reflect light, and are designed to assist drivers and officers of fire apparatus with locating fire hydrants in the dark of night.  Some jurisdictions utilize reflective tape to wrap around the area between the bonnet and the barrel of a hydrant.  While this works fine if the area around the hydrant is clear, it does allow the hydrant to be visualized if cars are parked along side the road, blocking the hydrant from view.  

There are over 1500 fire hydrants within the Salisbury Fire Department's jurisdiction.  It would be impossible for anyone to remember where each is located, and it can be easy to miss these most important tools in the middle of the night.  The blue, reflective markers shine bright in the headlights of responding fire apparatus, and should help the Salisbury Fire Department provide an even more efficient and effective service to those it is sworn to protect.  

Should you happen to see one of these "hydrant pucks" in the street, know that it is there to assist us in completing our most important task, protecting you!  

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