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Haz Mat on the Bypass - Salisbury Bypass in the area of Snow Hill Road
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Salisbury Fire Department Station 2 was dispatched for a reported MVC with rollover on the Salisbury Bypass in the area of Snow Hill Road at approximately 1104 hours. Upon arrival, Truck 2 found a single vehicle rollover involving a Mercury Mountaineer and a travel trailer with both vehicles coming to rest in the median strip area. 220E, (Rathel), established command and began to size-up the scene. PM2 arrived on location and began providing EMS care to the vehicle's driver. During size-up, Command identified several large propane tanks that had been involved in the rollover along with gasoline leaking from the truck. Command requested Emergency Management and a HazMat response. Upon arrival of additional units, Command was transferred to Assistant Chief 1, (Tull), and a Command Post was established north of the incident. Truck 2 placed a handline in service for protection while crews operated in the hot zone. HazMat Techs entered the hot zone in full PPE with SCBA and performed grounding operations & spill containment. Once the vehicle was grounded, tow service personnel was allowed to enter the scene to upright the truck and trailer. Crews remained on the scene until the vehicles were removed in order to perform ground sampling with the assistance of EM3. The patient was transported to PRMC by Salisbury Paramedic 2. Units: TK2, PM2, AC1, HM1, PM16-1, PM1

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