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Saturday Afternoon Building Fire in Salisbury - South Division Street & Lincoln Avenue
Saturday, October 16, 2010

Salisbury Fire Department Station 16 was alerted for a couch fire outside a structure at approximately 1400 hours on Saturday, October 16th. Shortly after dispatch, Central upgraded the incident to a working structure fire. Assistant Chief 2, (S. Records), arrived on scene with a 2 1/2 story, block exterior apartment house with a 1 story wood frame addition to the rear. Arrival conditions were heavy smoke on all sides, fire through the roof of the one story addition, and heavy extension up the rear wall with fire in the attic. Engine 16-1 placed the first line in service in the one story portion. Engine 16-1 driver placed his mini gun in service between the fire building and the exposure to stop fire spread. Crews encountered a malfunctioning hydrant and limited water supply from an old 4" water main. Fruitland Engine 301 laid a supply line into the scene from Eastern Shore Dr. from a 16" main which took care of the water problem. It was later discovered the fire was being fed from a gas main in between the 1 & 2 story portions. A couch under the second story access stairwell where the fire began melted the two meters in a puddle of aluminium feeding the fire with natural gas. While fighting the fire, a second structure, B-1, a 2 1/2 story apartment house had fire in an outside wall extending two stories to the attic where it was stopped. The extension was caused by the natural gas fed fire flames contacting the second structure. The fire took approximately 45 minutes to be placed under control. Crews from Salisbury Stations 16, 1 and 2, as well as Hebron, Parsonsburg, Delmar, Fruitland and Allen were called to assist with the incident. The Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office, as well as Salisbury Police Department are investigating the incident. Crews remained on scene for an extended period of time for overhaul and clean-up. All crews returned without incident. Photos by: Cliff Shockley Units: AC2, AC1, E16-1, PM16, R16, TOW16, TK1, E1, E2, TK2, AL2, PM2, Sta 5 units, Sta 6 units, Sta 74 units, Sta 3 units, Sta 15 units.

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